The two main species of cannabis are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These two kinds of marijuana look slightly different when the plant is grown. Indicas generally grow shorter and are bushier with broad leaves while sativa plants are taller with thinner, longer leaves. Interestingly, true sativas and indicas are supposed to greatly in their effects. The effects of indica strains tend to be more calming, relaxing, and soothing to the body. Alternatively, sativa strains usually cause a mind-racing, cerebral high involving less drowsiness.

These two types of cannabis complement each other nicely. Many marijuana smokers enjoy sativa strains between daily activities and leave indica strains to be smoked before bedtime making use of sedative effects. This is not to say that every indica or sativa strain will smoke the same or produce the same high. In fact with all the cross-breeding of marijuana going on, there is an endless possibility of hybrid strains, types of highs and most importantly flavors.

From earthy to skunky, fruity to flowery, minty to piney, and nutty to sweet, cannabis comes in so many scents it should have its own candle line. Some people smoke marijuana for the high, but others enjoy it for the taste and plethora of flavors that those big green buds contain. Smoking for the high or flavor is fine, but many users rely on marijuana for the medical benefits including relief from the following ailments:


The list of medical benefits goes on and on making the plant an excellent medicine for many purposes. Indicas typically have a higher ratio of CBD:THC than sativas do. CBDs or cannabinoids are responsible for relief of many physical ailments, and THC is more responsible for the head high that sativas produce. Having a variety of strains and smoking them at the appropriate times allow users to get the most from their marijuana, Or at least that’s the idea… New studies show that the real difference in highs between strains might be more of a placebo effect.

Most of the strains on the market are so far hybridized that there are no real lines between sativa and indica at all. The variability between say Blue Dream at one dispensary compared to another across town is unreal. The real key is to find a dispensary that grows quality marijuana and find a strain that is pleasant to the mind, body, and palate.

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