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In order to buy, use or possess retail marijuana in Colorado you have to be twenty-one years or older and have a valid ID (it does not have to be a Colorado ID).

Every dispensary requires you to sign a waiver when you sign in the first time you visit a shop saying you will not be reselling the product, you will not consume the products on the dispensary’s premises or in public, you will not be operating motor vehicles after consumption and you will not be using cell phones to photograph anything within the dispensary during your visit.

After you agree to this you will be allowed to purchase up to one ounce of recreational marijuana or a quarter ounce if you aren’t a Colorado state resident.

Edibles and other concentrates fall under this rule as well allowing you to mix and match cannabis products until you get to your threshold. The budtenders that will be helping with the product selection will be able to answer any questions you have about the cannabis products.

They will also be there to ring you up which always involves taxes and should be complimented with a tip to commensurate the quality of the budtenders service and care of you as a customer. Now that you have gotten your weed goodies, you need a place to consume them where you are allowed to.

City law states that marijuana can only be consumed in private places. This means as a tourist it is quite difficult to legally consume marijuana unless you have booked a smoking room in one of the few hotels which allow marijuana use on their property.

A quick internet search for 420 friendly hotels will list the proud selection of hotels that boast their marijuana friendly rooms as all businesses are trying to cash in on Colorado’s newest cash crop. While travelling in the Mile High city it is okay to have cannabis on you, but you cannot legally drive while intoxicated. This offense is treated very like drinking and driving.

Many wonder if they can visit different dispensaries in the same day to maximize their time here. This is acceptable, and each time you visit a new dispensary you have a new ounce or quarter ounce limit based on if you have a Colorado ID or not.

The main thing to remember is you can only legally possess an ounce at any time. Buying recreational weed in Denver is simple once you know the rules and find your favorite pot shops and marijuana products.

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